Gizmon iCA5 case for iPhone; $44.95

The Gizmon iCA5 case makes your iPhone look like a Leica. A leather carrying strap can be purchased separately.

The only thing cooler than making your photos look retro is making your smartphone look retro, too! Get iPhone-toting Leica lovers the Gizmon iCA5 case, which not only makes your iPhone 5 look more like a real camera but also offers some of the benefits of one.

The case features an optical viewfinder, physical shutter button, micro hot shoe, conversion lens mount, tripod socket and holes for attaching a strap. If you want to add a little flair to your hardware, an optional leather case and neck strap is sold separately to complete the look.

Key Features/Specifications

  • optical viewfinder
  • physical shutter button
  • micro hot shoe
  • conversion lens mount
  • tripod attachment
  • looks totally rad

What we like: This case not only look awesome, it has extra features as well. With an optical viewfinder and physical shutter button, you get the comfort of a traditional camera with the connectivity of an iPhone.

What we don't like: Yeah, you're going to look a little silly talking on this thing. 

Smartphone Spy Lens; $20.00

The Smartphone Spy lens is a fun accessory that fits most smartphones.

For a cheap and functional stocking stuffer, look no further than the Smartphone Spy Lens. This little device attaches to mobile phones via a circular magnet which you adhere around the camera lens. By using a magnet instead of a more rigid attachment method, users can turn the lens easily, gaining a different view with each twist. You can use it to periscope around corners, shoot better candids and get low compositions easier (or, you know, spy.)

Key Features/Specifications

  • potential for interesting compositions
  • takes photos with a 90-degree perspective shift
  • works on almost any smartphone camera
  • swivels 360° to take photos from any angle

What we like: A great little gift for any smartphone photographer. Can give your photos a unique perspective. 

What we don't like: With great sneaky power, comes great responsibility. In the wrong hands, this tool can be used for evil.

Printsagram Gift Card; $20-$100

Give your friends the chance to print out their Instagram photos.

For some people, Instagram is just another arm of social media and is a great outlet to share photos of lunch. For others, Instagram is a place to publish the most visually pleasing observations of their day, to curate their lives into a feed of stunning photos. No matter how your friends use Instagram, give them the chance to print out their memories with Printsagram.

A Prinstagram gift card lets your friends choose their favorite Instagram photos and print directly from their feeds. Gift amounts range from $20 to $100 and the credit never expires. They can print 48 "mini squares" of photos for $12, 36 4x4 greeting cards for $25, or even get a framed print for $60. Projects range from basic prints to calendars and Printsagram promises that the prints match "the quality and magic of the app itself." Depending on how you see Instagram, that can be either a very good or very bad thing. I used Printsagram to make my holiday cards this year and the quality of the prints far exceeded my expectations of my low-resolution Instagram photos.

Key Features/Specifications

  • variety of printing options and products
  • easy printing straight from your Instagram feed
  • high quality prints

What we like: Easy to use and high quality results. The prints and products match the aesthetic and intention of Instagram as a photography tool.

What we don't like: Prinstagram is exclusively for Instagram users because it takes photos straight from the feed. There are plenty of other options for non-Instagrammer photo printing, too.

ChargeCard for iPhone or Micro USB; $25

Never be without your USB charing cable again with the ChargeCard.

Smartphone photography is a power suck — especially when you are immediately uploading all of your photos to Instagram. 

The ChargeCard is as thick as two credit cards and comes with either a micro USB port, 30-pin connector for older iPhones or lightning port for the iPhone 5 and later. The ChargeCard plugs into any USB power source, charging your phone without the tangled mess of a USB cord. If you worry that your recipient's wallet is already stuffed, check out the ChargeKey.

Key Features/Specifications

  • Available for micro USB, 30-pin, or lightning connectors
  • Tiny and portable
  • 3.1 amp charging
  • Works with tablets

What we like: Works with almost any smartphone and will fit in almost any wallet.

What we don't like: You still need a computer or USB-to-wall charger to give your phone juice.

Pocket Reflector and Pocket Spotlight; $15, $30-$40

For portraits in all lighting situations, keep some lighting tools in your pocket.

If there is one thing that Instagram addicts love, it's selfies. Instead of staging an intervention to get your friends or family to stop selfies all together, teach them how to improve with help from pocket-sized lighting equipment. 

The Pocket Reflector and Pocket Spotlight from Photojojo will improve portraits in any lighting situation. The Pocket Reflector uses natural light already in your scene and bounces it back into your subject's face. The result is a well-lit, organic-looking portrait. For dark portraits, look to the Pocket Spotlight to brighten up your night shot. 

Key Features/Specifications

  • bounce natural light with the Pocket Reflector
  • Pocket Reflector folds down to 5-inch diameter
  • Pocket Spotlight is USB-chargeable
  • Pocket Spotlight lasts for up to one hour

What we like: The benefit of these accessories is portability. Both can be stashed quickly in a purse, bag, and — as their name suggests — a pocket. For their size, they perform pretty well and most importantly, they are an improvement over an LED smartphone flash.

What we don't like: If you're looking for professional-grade lighting equipment, this ain't it. But you can't fit studio lighting in your pocket, so it's a decent trade.