Sony has released the MRW-F3 pocketable USB memory card reader that accepts both Memory Stick and SD, including the latest fast UHS-I and large capacity SDXC cards. The company has also announced the cabled MRW-EA7, MRW-S2 and MRW-T2 USB readers.

Press Release:

New TV-friendly Memory Card Reader from Sony

MRW-F3 gives easy video/photo playback on your TV through USB

  • New MRW-F3 card reader: fast data transfers and HD movie/photo playback compatibility on BRAVIA
  • Supports wide range of Memory Stick™ and SD card formats
  • Plug and play with no driver installation needed
  • Complete family of compact USB memory card readers

It’s never been easier to transfer photos and videos from your digital camera, camcorder or smartphone to your PC. What’s more, you can now play back videos and photos taken with Cyber-shot or Handycam directly on your USB-equipped BRAVIA TV, with no connecting cables needed.

There’s now a compact memory card reader family from Sony – headed by the new MRW-F3 – that simplifies file transfer between today’s digital devices. An essential add-on for your PC or notebook, they’re also great for connecting with BRAVIA®, PlayStation3® or Blu-ray Disc™ players by Sony that include a USB port for simple playback of movies and photo.

The memory card reader models offer the simplicity of ‘driverless’ plug-and-play operation, and support Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connection for rapid data, picture and music transfers. Available for free download from, Drive Letter Recognition Software clearly identifies each slot of the card reader by name when it pops up on your PC’s desktop, avoiding any ‘which drive?’ ambiguity when you’ve got multiple devices mounted.

MRW-F3: play HD movies and photos on BRAVIA, Blu-ray Disc™ players and Playstation3®
The light, easily pocketable MRW-F3 memory card reader is ideal for transferring/backing up digital files to your PC. What’s more, it’s the only card reader by Sony that gives playback compatibility with HD movies and photos on your BRAVIA TV. Just slip in your memory card from your digital camera or camcorder and connect the F3 directly to the USB port of your BRAVIA.

Supporting the high-speed 8-bit parallel interface used by Memory Stick PRO-HG™, the F3 dramatically cuts transfer times for HD movies and other large files when using Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo™ HX media by Sony.

The F3 features a simple, single card slot that can accept a wide range of Memory Stick, SD and MMC media formats, including higher-capacity SDXC cards or high-speed UHS-I SD cards.

This memory card reader is joined by the MRW-EA7, MRW-S2 and MRW-T2 that connect to any spare USB port via a short cable connection (supplied). All cabled models provide separate slots for Memory Stick, SD and MMC media, simplifying PC back-ups or transfers from one card to another. Elegantly styled in aluminium, the premium EA7 offers no less than five separate card slots, while the great value S2 and T2 offer four and two card slots respectively.

The new range of memory card readers by Sony is available now.