What happens when you screen-cap and re-post a photo to Instagram 90 times? Artist Pete Ashton's 'Sitting In Stagram' project shows just that - and it's not pretty. The image is of composer Alvin Lucier, and the project is inspired by Lucier's 'I Am Sitting In a Room' in which he records the playback of audio repeatedly until its quality degrades beyond recognition.

The image's degradation is minimal between individual posts, but substantial over the long-haul as shown in the video below. By the 90th repost, the image degrades almost beyond recognition, having lost its color and a significant amount of detail. This degradation results from the screen-capped PNG being transcoded to JPG when it is re-uploaded to Instagram, introducing and amplifying compression artifacts each time.

Said Ashton, 'Decay through user attrition is a rare example of digital sharing having an effect on the file itself. A platform that requires tran- and re-encoding of data introduces imperfections analogous to smudges, scratches and fingerprints on physical media.'