Adobe has released a video sneak-peek of a new feature due to be introduced into Creative Cloud which the company is calling 'Focus masks'. In the video, Zorana Gee, senior Photoshop product manager explains that with focus masks, Adobe is 'adding a new way to make an automatic selection based [on] pixels that are in focus versus out of focus'. Judging by the very quick walkthrough provided in the video, this feature should be a powerful addition to Photoshop CC's suite of editing tools, especially for fans of shallow depth of field work. 

Photoshop CC Sneak Peek: Focus Masks

Alongside the video, Adobe is also teasing an announcement event for more Photoshop CC-related news on June 18th with the enigmatic tagline 'everything new is new again'.

You can register for a reminder about the June 18th announcement event from this link