Adobe has issued an apology over the 'significant crashing bug' introduced in Lightroom 6.2. The latest version of the software was released last Monday, and brought with it a redesigned import experience. That new experience, unfortunately, also introduced instability into Lightroom and removed some import functions; users reported issues with the software crashing and running poorly.

Adobe's Tom Hogarty issued the apology on Friday, revealing that Adobe was aware of the issues but due to 'the scope of the bug' being unclear, the company decided to ship the software regardless while continuing to 'search for a reproducible case.' Adobe issued a new update on Friday, version 6.2.1, that corrects the problem. 

Hogarty also commented on the import changes, saying:

'We made decisions on sensible defaults and placed many of the controls behind a settings panel. At the same time we removed some of our very low usage features to further reduce complexity and improve quality. These changes were not communicated properly or openly before launch. Lightroom was created in 2006 via a 14 month public beta in a dialog with the photography community. In making these changes without a broader dialog I’ve failed the original core values of the product and the team.'

He promised that Adobe will 'work hard to earn your trust back' with future releases.