Photographing bubbles, one bubble at a time 
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Photographing bubbles, one bubble at a time 

British photographer Richard Heeks has made a project of taking something ordinary - soap bubbles - and making them extraordinary. Some of his images capture the exact moment when a bubble bursts, while others reflect the environment around with interesting color. One of his bubbles even looks like the 'Death Star' from the Star Wars trilogy.  

Heeks got into photographing bubbles in 2007 after trying to capture refections in his wife's eye. 

'And then I saw my nieces playing with soap bubbles in the garden, and so I tried to photograph the soap bubbles', Heeks told DPReview recently. 'The macro focusing techniques I had learned from photographing eyes came in really useful ... I became quite obsessed with trying to capture the reflections in the bubbles'.

And so from that point on it was all about bubbles. He took thousands of shots, gradually learning how light, weather, aperture and shutter speeds affect the final image. 

See a selection of Heeks' images in our gallery. To see more, visit his Flickr photostream