While smartphone processing power, screen resolutions and camera performance have all improved significantly over the last few years, one area of development is seemingly standing still. Under heavy use most smartphone batteries still won't make it through the day, and once plugged in, devices take a long time to charge. 

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This might change though. At the Microsoft Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv, Storedot, a start-up from Israel, has shown a prototype battery that charges in under 30 seconds. The bio-organic battery uses nano-crystal technology that originates from research into Alzheimer's disease undertaken 10 years ago at Tel Aviv University.

The battery is currently the size of a cigarette box and therefore has to be connected to devices externally, but Storedot reckons it can build the the battery small enough to fit into a smartphone within a year. The company is also planning to apply the new technology in the development of memory chips and screens. 

The BBC posted a video that shows a battery connected to a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone getting fully charged in 26 seconds. According to a Storedot representative the smartphone could then be operated for two to three hours with that charge.

Faster charging batteries are certainly welcome news to smartphone and tablet users but could also reduce the need for carrying spare batteries on longer photographic excursions. Storedot says its batteries could be commercially available in three years.

Via: BBC