We have received several emails from concerned readers who were interested in buying an EOS-D60 have been told by their dealer that the D60 has been discontinued. This information is coming out of Canada and has apparently been (accidentally) confirmed by Canon Canada. This is indeed interesting news especially with PMA 2003 just around the corner. That said you would think that Canon could sell plenty more D60's even in the time between now and any future model hitting the streets.UPDATE: As of yet this has NOT been confirmed to us directly by Canon USA or UK.

UPDATE2: This from an Australian distributor:

(5th January 2002)
"According to the information we received from Canon Australia there will be no more D60's coming to Australia. Since, we have no more stock left either we had to take the camera off the site. However, I wouldn't be surprised if we still could get some stock in the future. (Canon's information is not always that accurate) In case this happens we will put the camera back in the listing."

UPDATE3: Contacted by Chasseur d'Image who have had this news confirmed by Canon France. Click here for their article (French).