Topaz Labs has released the latest version of its DeNoise noise reduction plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. DeNoise 5 promises faster processing speeds and increases the maximum image size it can handle. It gains additional noise processing tools including horizontal and vertical debanding options. The plug-in is available as a free upgrade for existing users or $79.99 for first-time buyers.

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Press Release:

Topaz Labs Announces Major Upgrade in Image Noise Reduction Software

Topaz Labs Releases Topaz DeNoise 5, Twice the Speed

DALLAS - Topaz Labs announces a major upgrade of the Topaz DeNoise plug-in, which features a double increase in speed, double the maximum image size and many additional noise reduction capabilities. Powered by unique Intellinoise technology, Topaz DeNoise 5 specializes in quickly reducing heavy noise while preserving detail in high-ISO images.

“DeNoise 5 is twice as fast as its predecessor. It also introduces unique shadow tone restoration and dual-directional debanding capabilities, which enable photographers to solve additional problems caused by heavy noise,” said Dr. Albert Yang, President of Topaz Labs. "We're very pleased to be able to offer these new noise reduction features to our customers."

Nichole Paschal, photographer and Marketing Specialist for Topaz Labs, explains, “The new Correct Black Level parameter in Topaz DeNoise 5 restores image richness by removing hazy color casts that appear in shadow areas. It also eliminates both horizontal and vertical banding noise, often visible as lines that extend across high ISO images. With these two new features, DeNoise 5 now offers users the ability to solve more noise reduction issues than ever before."

The new Topaz DeNoise 5 plug-in is the only commercial noise reduction software to remove high ISO noise while simultaneously recovering details, and now processes at twice the speed of earlier versions. It is a plug-in that works with a variety of host programs including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Aperture, iPhoto and Lightroom. Topaz DeNoise 5 is a free upgrade for existing DeNoise customers and retails for $79.99. For more information about Topaz DeNoise 5, visit the homepage at