Ricoh has released firmware v2.03 for its GR enthusiast compact. The list of updated features includes support for Raw file transfer via Eye-Fi card, the ability to use 1/2500 sec shutter speed with maximum aperture and a 47mm equivalent crop mode. Also new is a 'Maximum Aperture Priority' setting available in Program and Manual exposure modes. Here's the full list of updates in this firmware version:

  • Shutter speed at the maximum aperture can be set up to 1/2500 seconds.
  • Changed the order of the icons for No.21 to No.25 in the shooting display (p.18).
  • Pressing the shutter release button fully after starting up the camera in playback mode can switch to shooting mode.
  • Added 47mm crop (in 35mm format).
    Former [Crop to 35mm] has changed into [Crop]. It has three options: [OFF], [35mm] and [47mm].
    When [35mm] or [47mm] is selected, [35mm] or [47mm] appears instead of [CROP] on the shooting screen (p.18).
  • Added the program diagram in [Max Aperture Prior.].
    Newly added [P Mode Selection] (can be set only in P mode and M mode) has two options: [Normal] and [Max Aperture Prior.] (Maximum Aperture Priority).
    When [Max Aperture Prior.] is set in P mode, [PA] appears on the shooting screen.
  • When [Program] is selected in [One Press M Mode] of the [Key Custom Options] menu (p.42), the aperture value and shutter speed are adjusted according to the [P Mode Selection] setting you set.
  • Added [Shutter Button Confirmation].
  • When set to [On], pressing the shutter release button halfway can save the settings in ADJ. mode or in exposure compensation.
  • Added [Eye-Fi RAW Transfer] (available only when using Eye-Fi cards which support RAW files).
  • It has two options: [Allow] and [Deny]. When [Deny] is selected at [Eye-Fi transfer Selected Images], RAW files are not transferred.
  • When transfer images using [Eye-Fi transfer Selected Images], the number of remaining images to be transferred can be displayed on the playback screen.
  • Image files with a folder number of over 200 can also be transferred at [Eye-Fi transfer Selected Images].

Changes to V2.03

  • Exif tag [Manufacturer of image input equipment] change to RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD.
  • When focus is set with [Multiple AF], AFL is spot AF
  • Improved image quality for dark section when developing Dynamic Range Compensation [Strong] setting by RAW Development function of GR camera for RAW file that captured image with the Dynamic Range Compensation [Strong].
  • When LCD Confirmation time is set [HOLD] and taking image with [Custom Self-Timer], automatically taking next image with setting Shooting interval.
  • Improved image quality when developing RAW file with combining brightness correction and limb darkening correction.
  • Standard icon is displayed when taking image with setting Image Setting to Standard and playback with detail information display mode.
  • Improved color reproduction of white balance [Multi-P AUTO] for some scenes.
  • Improved ColorMatrix for setting of DNG file.
  • Improved image quality for taking image with ISO 1600 to 3200 and Noise Reduction setting [Weak],[Medium],[Strong] and [Auto].
  • Improved stability when selecting transfer by Eye-Fi.