5th Anniversary Prize: 'The Beauty of Greenland from Above' by <a href="https://www.skypixel.com/users/albert-44584aff-8751-4953-918f-22716b5a0d68" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Albert</a> (Netherlands)
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5th Anniversary Prize: 'The Beauty of Greenland from Above' by Albert (Netherlands)

About this photo: ‘Greenland is a truly magical place. We explored this place with our little red sail boats that made great contrast with the white and blue ice chunks everywhere. By using a drone I am able to show the immense size of of these ice bergs compared to our boats. At some point you forget that they're pieces of ice. I used to just call them mountains.

It's incredible to fly your drone above these giants. But Greenland's atmosphere is incredible in general. The midnight sun colors lasting all night and casting their beautiful light on the ice and water. And not to mention the whales that I saw everyday. I enjoyed watching them play right from the coastline of Ilulissat.

You only realize how beautiful this place is when you're actually there. There's something magic about the whole atmosphere. It's a place we should really cherish in the future and that will hopefully not lose its magic because of global warming.’

Gear and specs: DJI Mavic 2 Pro, F3.4, 1/100s, ISO 100