Olympus has announced what it is calling a major update to the Olympus Master software supplied with all its new digital cameras. Version 2.0 adds a Quick Start Guide, improved image-sorting functions and histogram / Color Management adjustments. The new version also sees the introduction of (optional) 'add-ons' that extend the functionality of the software - including professional features from the company's 'Studio' software. The new software will be shipped with all Olympus's 2007 digital cameras.

Press Release:

Newly-enhanced software enables and inspires

Olympus refreshes camera software line-up

London, February 1, 2007 – A major update to the OLYMPUS Master software is set to make the management of digital files easier and more enjoyable than ever. Included with every new Olympus digital camera launched from 2007 onwards, the OLYMPUS Master 2.0 software lets users benefit from a range of new and improved features.

Ease of use combined with clever functions make OLYMPUS Master 2.0 the perfect choice for all types of users. Incorporating a special Quick Start Guide, the software even lets complete beginners get great results with a minimum of effort – right from the word go. Meanwhile, a new timeline feature is included that arranges photos chronologically so that files can be located much faster. Skilled users are also sure to welcome the Histogram function and sophisticated Colour Management adjustment facility. In addition, the software now also boasts the facility to receive Olympus RSS feeds. In this way, subscribed users can always be kept updated on the latest news from Olympus.

New add-ons are also a part of this software update: The handy “Muvee Pack” lets fun videos be created from images and clips, while the advanced “Studio Pack” is primarily aimed at supporting the special requirements of pro and semi-pro users. Both packs are included in the software bundle as 15-day free trials, while keys to unlock each application are available for purchase online – at for approximately £35 and £65 respectively.

Users with an Olympus xD-Picture Card and associated serial key can additionally download the “xD Pack” free of charge. This provides various extra functions to enhance the photo experience, including 3D and new Art effects.

The new OLYMPUS Master 2.0 software will ship with all Olympus digital cameras launch from 2007 onwards and is compatible with both Windows (up to Vista) and Mac (up to OS X Tiger) operating systems and is available in 29 languages.