If you want to enhance the angle of view or minimum focus distance of your smartphone camera there's a wide selection of add-on lenses currently on the market, ranging from cheap and low-quality to quite expensive. Photojojo has just launched an alternative in the higher priced segment. The new Iris Lens series consists of fisheye, wide angle, and macro lenses that work with all iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models as well as the Samsung and Galaxy S5 and S6 devices. The lenses are also compatible with most cases and come with a built-in carry case. The housing is made from billeted aluminum and the lenses have multi-element designs.

All lenses are attached to the smartphone via a device-specific adapter or, if you are using a case, a mount that slips between phone and case. The wide-angle variant offers a 100 degree angle of view and features four elements and coated glass. The fisheye has three elements and captures a 180 degree hemispherical view, and the macro lens combines a 10x magnification with a 13mm minimum focus distance.

The lenses are now available for pre-sale on Photojojo at a discount - a set of three will cost you $99 instead of $140 and a single lens is $49 instead of $69. Delivery is slated for the week starting December 14. Check the Iris Lens page on Photojojo for more information and a selection of sample shots.