Tommy Edison has been blind since birth and has built a career out of defying people’s expectations. A radio DJ for over 20 years, Edison is also known for his work as the Blind Film Critic—sharing movie reviews on his YouTube channel and blog where he interjects humor into his unique observations.

On his YouTube channel, Edison has a collection of videos describing what everyday tasks are like for blind people. Along with his videos showing how he uses an ATM and crosses the street, Edison also shares a clip of him navigating Instagram.

Using the iPhone’s accessibility setting, Edison (@blindfilmcritic) takes, filters, captions, and uploads photos to Instagram. So far, he has more than 2,000 followers and his photos are an array of everyday observations from meals to skylines.

Edison, who also suffers from tremors, laughs about the process of taking a photo, saying “why am I holding the thing up to my face?”

Edison says in the video that his iPhone is his first camera and Instagram lets him share his life with others. He reads the feedback on his photos which can vary from praise on the artistic quality of the shots to the more informative “that’s just an orange smudge.”

Watch Tommy Edison talk about blind Instagramming: