Olympus Europe has today announced the CAMEDIA C-5060 WIDE ZOOM which is an update to the popular C-5050 camera. The 5.1 megapixel CAMEDIA C-5060 WIDE ZOOM has a fast startup time (3 sec.) and very short shutter release time lag of 0.4 sec. (including AF time in wide angle, focus position from 80cm to infinity) and three frames per second in HQ mode. It has 4x optical zoom (equiv. 27 -110mm, f2.8-4.8) and can use xD-Picture Card, Compact Flash and Microdrive cards. It will have a UK RRP of £599.99 [inc VAT].

Press Release:


Fast off the mark, broad in its scope

Hamburg, 29 September 2003 - It's a one-off moment, like your friend doing his first bungee jump. You're all ready but the digital camera is too slow and you miss the shot. Who's never experienced that? With its latest top-of-the-range digital compact camera, Olympus puts an end to such infuriating experiences. The 5.1 megapixel CAMEDIA C-5060 WIDE ZOOM is one of the fastest digital camera models with a startup time of merely 3 sec. and a release time lag (including AF time) of 0.4 sec. (in wide angle, focus position from 80cm to infinity). And it offers even more. Thanks to the camera's wide-angle zoom lens, you can really tell the whole story, from a zoom photo of the friend seconds before the jump, to a wide-angle shot showing him, the harrowingly deep gorge and the spectators waiting expectantly below. Of course, you don't have to go to a bungee jump to find a motif for this camera. Packed with a full accompaniment of precision features and manually-adjustable photographic functions, it gives you the freedom to handle almost any scene. Compatibility with a wide range of optional accessories extends its flexibility even further.

There are two things in particular you are sure to notice about the C-5060 WIDE ZOOM. Firstly, this camera is incredibly fast, so you don't need to worry about missing that golden moment. It just takes a fraction of a second from pressing the release to getting the shot. And in the high speed sequence shooting mode, the shooting speed of three frames per second (HQ) ensures that you can capture a whole series of breathtaking moments. Secondly, the 5.1 megapixel model stands out with its wide-angle capabilities. Starting at a focal length of 27mm (35mm camera equivalent), the lens gives you the broad scope to capture sweeping landscapes or the majesty of great architecture. But what's so amazing about a digital camera with a wide-angle lens? Well, to avoid the problem of cornershading, a loss of quality at the edge of the frame, first-class optical elements need to be used and arranged to ensure the telecentric transmission of light. Only then, when the light hits the camera's sensor at a right angle, are bright, colourful results ensured. But there's no need to restrict yourself to the big picture. The camera's 4x zoom (equivalent to 110mm with a 35mm camera) also lets you concentrate your photographic eye on details from a scene, such as a face in the crowd.

Besides its impressive technology the C-5060 WIDE ZOOM camera also lives through its design features, such as the multi-angle high-resolution LCD monitor which, fixed to a flexible hinge, can be tilted up and swivelled round by 270° to provide you with a clear view of your subject even from a difficult perspective. The dual AF system ensures your objects are perfectly focussed, and four different exposure modes (programme, shutter priority, aperture priority and fully manual) guarantee complete ease of use as well as room for professional creativity. Compact and ergonomic in design, the CAMEDIA C-5060 WIDE ZOOM has a body of magnesium, which meets demands for both strength and lightness. The smart black finish perfectly reflects the model's pro capabilities. And, of course, the C-5060 WIDE ZOOM is also compatible with a range of CAMEDIA system accessories, like - via a hot shoe - external flash systems, a power grip, filters as well as a tele and wide angle lens converter.

The CAMEDIA C-5060 WIDE ZOOM is the ideal camera for the demanding user, providing all the functions and features needed to explore numerous creative avenues. Sales of this top-of-the-range camera will commence in November 2003.

Main Features

  • Extremely fast startup time (3 sec.) and very short shutter release time lag of 0.4 sec. (including AF time in wide angle, focus position from 80cm to infinity)
  • High speed sequence shooting: three frames per second in HQ mode
  • 5.1 megapixels and beautifully designed magnesium body
  • 4x optical zoom (equiv. 27 -110mm, f2.8-4.8)
  • Multi-angle high resolution LCD monitor
  • Programme, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Full Manual mode
  • 6 scene programmes (normal, portrait, night scene, landscape, landscape with portrait, sports)
  • Dual AF system
  • Hot shoe
  • Movie recording function
  • Saves to xD-Picture Card, Compact Flash and Microdrive
  • PictBridge compatible
  • Variety of newly-developed accessories are available, including a direct filter mount and bayonet mount conversion lens system

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Olympus CAMEDIA C-5060 WIDE ZOOM Specifications

Type Digital camera with 4.5 cm/1.8 inch colour TFT LCD monitor.
Image sensor
���� Image sensor 1/1.8 inch CCD solid-state image pickup with 5.13 million pixels.
���� Effective pixel number 5.10 million pixels. (The actual number of pixels used in image processing.)
���� Filter array Primary colour filter (RGB).
���� Storage media type Removable xD-Picture Card (16, 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512MB).
Compact Flash Type I/II, Microdrive (except 320MB).
  Optical zoom 4x.
Structure 8 lenses in 7 groups. 2 aspherical lens elements. ED lens.
Filter diameter Use filter adapter CLA-7.
Focal length 5.7 � 22.9mm (equivalent to 27 � 110mm lens in 35mm format).
Maximum aperture F2.8 (wide)/F4.8 (tele).
Digital zoom 1x � 3.5x (14x seamless zoom when combined with optical zoom).
Viewfinder Optical real image.
LCD monitor 1.8 inch colour TFT LCD monitor with 130,388 pixels.
���� System TTL autofocus with contrast detection.
���� Function AF illuminator.
���� Mode Auto iESP autofocus, spot autofocus, AF area is selectable.
Manual Yes.
���� Working range Standard mode 0.8m � infinity.
Macro mode 0.2 � 0.8m.
Super macro mode From as close as 3cm.
Light metering
���� Mode Digital ESP metering, spot metering, multi-spot metering, centre-weighted metering.
���� Function AE lock, exposure area selection, histogram in shooting and playback mode.
���� Exposure control Programmed auto exposure, Aperture Priority Auto and Shutter Priority Auto, Manual exposure.
AE lock.
Scene programs: Normal, Portrait, Night Scene, Landscape, Landscape with Portrait, Sports.
���� Shutter speed 16 � 1/4000 sec.
���� Compensation �2 EV in 1/3 EV or 1/2 EV steps (selectable).
���� Auto bracketing Max. 5 images.
  Auto ISO 80/100/200/400.
Manual ISO 80/100/200/400.
White balance
���� Mode Auto iESP2.
White balance adjustment (Red) -7 � +7 (blue).
Pre-set Shade, overcast, sunlight, evening sun, tungsten light, fluorescent light 1,2,3, 4.
Full manual One-touch, custom.
���� Built-in flash Modes Auto (automatic activation in low and backlight), Red-eye reduction, Fill-in (forced activation), Slow synchronisation, Off (no flash).
Working range Approx. 0.8 � 3.7m (W); 0.8 � 2.2m (T).
Recycle time Approx. 5 sec.
Guide number 9.
���� External flash connection Yes, hot shoe.
Sequence shooting 1.7 shots per sec. in SHQ mode.
3 shots per second in HQ mode.
���� Image processing Proper gamma technology, noise reduction, advanced noise filter, noise canceller, pixel mapping, TruePic.
���� Image quality adjustment Sharpness -5 � +5.
Contrast -5 � +5.
Saturation -5 � +5.
���� Function shooting Sepia mode, black & white mode, black board mode, white board mode, panorama mode, two in one function.
���� Still image edit Re-size, trimming, RAW data edit.
���� Motion picture edit Edit, index.
Recording system
���� Still image JPEG (DCF: �Design rule for Camera File system�), TIFF (non-compress), RAW, Exif 2.2 support, Print Image Matching II support, DPOF support.
���� Motion picture QuickTime Motion JPEG�*.
���� Sound Wave format.
Number of storable frames (approx., with 32MB xD-Picture Card)
���� Still picture mode 3,264 x 2,448 (enlarged size) SHQ: 6
HQ: 16
2,592 x 1,944 TIFF: 2
SHQ: 8
RAW: 4
HQ: 25
2,592 x 1,728 SHQ (3:2): 9
HQ (3:2): 28
2,288 x 1,712 TIFF: 2
SQ1: high 11/normal 32
2,048 x 1,536 TIFF: 3
SQ1: high 13/normal 40
1,600 x 1,200 TIFF: 5
SQ1: high 22/normal 64
1,280 x 960 TIFF: 8
SQ2: high 34/normal 99
1,024 x 768 TIFF: 13
SQ2: high 53/normal 153
640 x 480 TIFF: 33
SQ2: high 132/normal 331
���� Motion picture mode SHQ �� (640 x 480 pixels): 39 sec. max. (15 frames/sec.)
���������� (320 x 240 pixels): 96 sec. max. (15 frames/sec.)
SQ ����� (160 x 120 pixels): 424 sec. max. (15 frames/sec.)
Power supply
  Rechargeable battery Li-ion battery, 7.4V.
One-time-use battery No.
AC adapter Optional AC adapter C-8AC.
Interface DC input terminal, USB Auto Connect interface (storage class/SDK), A/V output.
Other features
���� DPOF setting Single-frame print reservation, all print reservation, number of prints, cropping, date/time display.
���� Direct printing PictBridge support allows direct printing with compatible printers.
���� Multilingual menu English / French / German / Spanish / Japanese.
���� Setting memorisation ON /OFF/ My mode (8 settings storable).
���� Self-timer Yes.
���� Date/time/calendar system Up until 2099.
���� Dimensions 116 (W) x 87 (H) x 65.6 (D)mm (excluding protrusions).
���� Weight 420g.
Box contents 32MB xD-Picture Card, USB cable, video cable, rechargeable battery, battery charger, strap, CAMEDIA Master 4.1, manuals.