Here in the UK there has been an ongoing saga about a mistake made on Kodak's website where the DX3700 digital camera (inc. memory card & inkjet paper) was priced at £100. Soon after this price appeared several hundred people ordered but were later told that they would not get the camera at the erroneous price. After not inconsiderable pressure from angry customers, consumer groups and the threat of legal action Kodak (after more than a month) has agreed to honour those customers who ordered the DX3700 at the advertised price. Full statement inside...

Kodak UK statement

Kodak will offer the Kodak EasyShare DX3700 Digital Camera, along with a memory card and inkjet paper, at the advertised price of £100 + p&p to all of our customers who ordered the camera and accessories recently.

The resolution of this matter has been a top priority for Kodak. One of our company's core principles is our commitment to our customers - even in difficult situations like this one.

As you know, a mistake on our website allowed a number of customers to order the Kodak EasyShare DX3700 Digital Camera and accessories at an incorrect price of £100. Despite the incorrect listing, Kodak will offer the camera and accessories at the advertised price of £100 + p&p.

The customers whose orders have been affected by this situation have been notified directly of this decision, and they have received instructions for taking up the offer. Orders will be processed upon confirmation from the customer, and the cameras and accessories will be shipped directly.

Kodak values its customers. We regret any inconvenience caused by these exceptional circumstances and we appreciate our customers' continued patience in allowing this matter to be resolved.