Sinar has announced the 'p-slr' system that allows DSLR owners use their camera bodies as digital backs with the company's view camera system via an adapter. Currently compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras, the system gives access to a range of medium format and view camera lenses and accessories such as bellows, filters etc. An included 'Quick Clamping' adapter also allows users to easily change the orientation of the camera body from landscape to portrait and vice versa. The p-slr system comes in various combinations of mounting brackets, bellows and the Quick Clamping adapter, and a number of optional accessories. It will be available from next month at a retail price of 1980 Swiss Francs (~ €1440).

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Press Release:

Sinar p-slr - the professional attachment of 35 mm SLR cameras to Sinar view cameras

July, 2010: The Sinar p-slr was designed especially for photographers who would like to combine the convenience of digital single lens reflex cameras with the advantages and quality characteristics of a Sinar view camera. Exact control of perspectives and selective sharpness - the most important creative tools in photography - can be set and evaluated precisely on a view camera.

And now, Sinar also made all of these advantages available to the users of 35 mm SLR cameras. This well thought-out solution brings a significant enhancement of quality to users of 35mm cameras, because the high-resolution digital Rodenstock lenses can be used. The Sinar p-slr complies with the Sinar policy of offering photographers modular systems that are in keeping with the latest trends of the market. This upgrading set will be available as of August 2010 and it can be ordered right now at the price of 1980 Swiss Francs (not including the Value Added Tax).

Professionalism in the details

The Sinar p-slr can be used with all Canon and Nikon single lens reflex cameras currently on the market. Thanks to the quick locking adapter supplied with the Sinar p-slr, the format can be changed from vertical to horizontal with only a few motions and within seconds. If the single lens reflex camera is controlled by a computer, the integrated support for the cable ensures the safety and the protection of the USB / Fire Wire socket on the camera. A positioning- and centering aid serves for the exact positioning of the digital single lens reflex camera on the optical axis. That ensures that the sensor of the digital camera is positioned perfectly for vertical as well as horizontal exposures. This function is essential for making full use of the advantages of the view camera and for working professionally.

A summary of the advantages:

  • Unlimited creativity in composing an image
  • Unrestricted use of an existing single lens reflex camera
  • Cost-effective use of an existing Sinar view camera for digital solutions
  • Quick change from the vertical to a horizontal format
  • Adapters for a variety of 35 mm cameras
  • Unique expansion possibility for a live image by means of an additional monitor
  • Increased quality by the use of digital medium format- and view camera lenses
  • Support for USB- and power supply cables
  • Extensive assortment of professional accessories, such as bellows lens hood and filters