@koci_glass's first Instagram photo is a selfie. "So far I'm stunned at the quality," remarked Richard Koci Hernandez on Google Glass' 5-megapixel camera.

What happens when you give a skilled photographer Google Glass? Richard Koci Hernandez (also know as @koci) is a San Francisco Bay Area-based photojournalist whose iPhone street photography has earned him more than 167,000 followers on Instagram. Having aquired Google Glass last week, Hernandez launched a new Instagram account just to share his Google Glass photos.

Hernandez's use of Google Glass' 5-megapixel wearable camera is exciting. While the device has found its way into the hands of celebrities and politicians alike, it is great to see a professional photojournalist and experienced mobile photographer using the technology.

Follow Richard Koci Hernandez's Google Glass adventures on Instagram at @koci_glass.

Koci's Instagram caption for this shot reads: "First day on the streets with Google Glass. #throughglass blown away by the sharpness and clarity for only 5MP. The lens is a little too wide for my street style, but I understand why it's so wide. Not a single person noticed, that I could tell, that's probably because we don't look each other in the eyes normally."
Hernandez's street photography style tends to single out silhouettes in busy city scenes. So far, his photos taken with Google Glass reflect this same theme.
 In a comment on this image, Koci revealed that he prefers to take Google Glass images by touching the camera button on the device instead of using voice activation.