Olympus has just announced the latest firmware upgrade for its 4/3 digital SLR the E-500. Version 1.1 adds three new features. The first increases the time between when the button is pressed and when the camera reverts back to the current mode to eight seconds. Once the new firmware is installed users will also be allowed to select a WB OFF option. And finally, a new security step now warns users that when erasing RAW and JPG files of the same picture both images will be deleted. To download the new firmware follow the instructions at the end of the press release.

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Press Release:

Firmware update 1.1 for the Olympus E-500

12 December 2005 - A firmware update is now available for the Olympus E-500 digital SLR. Changes to the previous version include the addition of a three-step adjustable button timer, a white balance off option and a security mode to protect against the unintentional erasing of both JPG and RAW versions of the one image.

Dedicated to ensuring users enjoy the best possible photography experience, Olympus now releases firmware version 1.1 for the Olympus E-500 digital SLR.

Improvements over the previous firmware include:

  • Button timer: As well as the current three and five seconds, photographers can now increase the time interval between when a button is pressed and when the camera reverts back to the current mode, to eight seconds. This provides for more time to make necessary adjustment in difficult situations and lets enables better customisation for personal preferences.
  • Enhanced one-touch WB functions:
    In addition to one-touch WB, test picture, my mode and preview - customers can now select a WB OFF mode. By choosing this function, the WB button is disabled in order to avoid any unintentional activation.
  • Security step:
    When erasing both RAW and JPG files of one image, a new security step has been added. The camera will display a warning message to alert users that both images will be deleted. This additional step ensures data will not be lost unintentionally.

The Olympus E-500 version 1.1 firmware update is available now for download. Simply open the Olympus Master software, connect the camera via USB to the computer and log onto the internet. Choose the Update Camera function from the Online Service menu in the Olympus Master software and the update will be initiated immediately.