Casio has announced the highest resolution LCD display to date, a 2.2" HAST TFT LCD monitor with full VGA (640 x 480) resolution. The majority of LCD monitors used in digital cameras today have QVGA (320 x 240) resolution (230,000 total pixels), this new screen would deliver over 900,000 pixels which would produce a far more detailed reproduction of images, very useful for immediate record review or playback verification. Casio claim that this new screen has the same power consumption as the older models.

Phil: It's worth noting that when we see figures like 230,000 pixels it means the number of color emitting locations (Red, Green or Blue) and hence a QVGA screen has 320 x 240 x 3 = 230,400. It's also worth noting that many manufacturers display images on the screen in such a way as to effectively increase the available resolution by using neighbouring colored pixels (sub-pixel image scaling; more here - PDF) to produce an additional pixel (similar to how ClearType font smoothing works on an LCD screen).

Casio 2.2" HAST TFT LCD monitor (VGA resolution)