The Tokyo Business Show '99 was held between 18th and 21st of May. They have brief report on the Canon A50, Ricoh RDC-5000, Epson CP800 and an interesting digital camera add-on for the Cassiopeia from Casio.

(rough translation of the japanese report by Yamada below)

The Show

The show is spread across six halls with 456 companies exhibiting, this years attendance was 417,400 visitors which was less than last year. Unforutantely he also notes that there were no new major digital camera announcements made at this show.

Canon PowerShot A50 (sub-note: DPR review coming soon)

Which was demonstrated next to (and connecting to) an iMac, still in the same small case as the older A5 this upgraded version features a 1.3 megapixel CCD and 2.5 zoom lens, an attractive camera with a solid case and very diminutive proportions.

Canon also demonstrated their top-of-the-line BubbleJet printer the BJC-F8500 and a large wall of sample print-outs from the said printer can be seen on the page.

Ricoh RDC-5000 2.3Megapixel camera

According to the reporter although the camera was available for demonstration that Ricoh had tended the demos more towards satisifying the business visitors to the exhibition in that they were pushing the abiliy to OCR digicam images (especially cameras with noteably good macro abilities such as the Ricoh - 4cm).

Epson CP-800

Epson were demonstrating the CP-800 just before it is due to go on sale. They were also doing a combined demo with a PM series printer, he notes the popularity of the camera on the Epson booth and that alot of people were getting hands-on to see just how small this 2.1 Megapixel camera is

Sharp Internet ViewCam

Sharp were also demonstrating their innovative MPEG-4 Internet ViewCam, again this product generated alot of interest probably because of its small size and specific motion capture design.

Casio E-507 Digital Camera Unit for the Cassiopeia E-500

Casio demonstrated an interesting add-on to the palmsized Windows CE Cassiopeia machine which slots onto the top of the unit and adds a VGA sized CCD capability to it, you can capture (either still or motion) at VGA, VGA/9 or VGA/16. Cunnigly it's also worth noting that most CE devices take CF cards. You could also quite easily take a VGA snapshot, plug the Cassiopeia into a telephone socket and immediately fax that shot to someone (something pointed out by Yamada).

IBM "Digital Camera Expert 2000"

IBM demonstrate the "Digital Camera Expert 2000", this package designed specifically (at least initially) for the Japanese market uses the newly ratified DCF format for storing digital images (as used by the Coolpix 950/700, Olympus C2000Z, Canon A50 etc.) to retrieve images from CF cards and album / manipulate / present them in many ways.

NTT demonstrate a 2GB solid-state disk (silicon disk)

NTT the largest telecoms provider in Japan demonstrated the largest solid-state disk produced at a staggering 2GB, it's still fairly large and mostly designed for the laptop market (reduced power usage) however all technology used to create devices like this go back into making larger and larger small storage devices (for things like digital cameras), so it's worth keeping an eye on this kind of technology.

(My apologies for any mistakes in this translation)