Astronaut Chris Hadfield's tweets offer a beautiful and fascinating perspective.

If you still don’t have a Twitter account, you should get one just to follow Chris Hadfield (@cmdr_hadfield). The Canadian astronaut is tweeting photos from the International Space Station to share his unique view of everything from moonrises to earthly landmarks like Reno, Nevada.

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Hadfield’s images are catching the eyes of both space fans to photo editors. Comments on his images from a manager at 500px ask Hadfield for an interview and express interest in hosting the astronaut’s photos on the photo sharing network.

Images are stripped of their data, so it is unclear what camera Hadfield is using. Pop Photo speculates that it might be a Nikon due to the company’s history of cooperation with NASA. 

Hadfield’s images and observations are a welcome break within a social medium often reserved for selfish rants about first-world problems. Instead, Hadfield's tweets make us consider a one-world perspective.

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