Pre-PMA 2009: Leica has announced the SF 58 flash unit. With a maximum guide number of 58, it offers a zoom range of 24–105 mm and an integrated wide-angle diffuser. It includes functions such as TTL or automatic flash mode and automatic fill-in flash. It also includes Standard and Soft lighting profiles and can be used on all Leica cameras including the S-system.

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February 18, 2009: Leica Camera AG, Solms, presents a new flash unit combining the highest performance and system compatibility in one high-end flash unit – the LEICA SF 58. The maximum guide number of 58 (ISO 100/21°) enables high light output and, due to its fully swivelling reflector, offers ideal opportunities for indirect flash illumination.

Its integrated, system-controlled secondary reflector maintains image brilliance and simultaneously lightens shadows and highlights. For photographers, this means more creative freedom in the use of light and more flexibility, even under difficult lighting conditions. A diffuser, particularly recommended for portrait photography and softer illumination, is available as an optional accessory.

The LEICA SF 58 is suitable for use with all Leica rangefinder and SLR cameras and can also be used with the new Leica S-system. The LEICA SF 58 is equipped with an integrated USB port to allow convenient uploading of firmware updates, ensuring absolute compatibility with future generations of Leica cameras.

The LEICA SF 58 flash unit features a wide zoom range of 24–105 mm and an integrated wide-angle diffuser to extend the field of view by 18 mm. Depending on the focal length of the lens in use and the sensor format, the flash reflector setting is automatically controlled yet also features a manual adjustment option.

Thanks to its numerous technical features, the LEICA SF 58 enables photographers to capture professionally exposed images independent of any existing lighting conditions. For instance, the unit features automatic functions such as TTL or automatic flash mode, as well as automatic fill-in flash. In addition, the new LEICA SF 58 offers a choice of two lighting profiles (Standard and Soft) that allow optimal adaptation to various lighting situations. High-performance energy management guarantees flash photography at the highest speed and constancy, and at the same time an overheating protection function regulates the flash frequency when necessary.

Intuitive controls and a user-friendly operating concept ensure simple handling of the LEICA SF 58, including easily set parameters with the four soft keys of the unit. The clearly structured, illuminated dot-matrix display allows photographers to concentrate on the essentials.

The LEICA SF 58 will be available at authorized Leica dealers in March 2009.

LEICA SF 58 specifications

Compatibility: Full compatibility with:
M System: M6 TTL, M7, M8, M8.2
R System: R8, R9
S-System: S2
Limited compatibility with all Leica system cameras featuring a hot shoe
(in automatic or manual flash mode)
Guide number

Max. 58 (ISO 100 / 21°)

Flash modes TTL, automatic
manual, strobe
Swivelling reflector Vertical (-7° / +90°)
Horizontal (-180° /+120°)
Automatic / manual zoom reflector: 24 mm, 28 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm, 105 mm (35-mm format)
Display Dot-matrix display
Automatic white-balance adjustment:


Power supply: 4x AA, alkaline batteries (1.5V), lithium (1.5V), NiCad rechargeable (1.2V), NiMH rechargeable (1.2V), external power pack
Number of flashes (full power): Alkaline (1.5V) – 180
Lithium (1.5V ) – 320
NiCad rechargeable (1.2V/600 mAh) – 70
NiMH rechargeable (1.2V/1600 mAh) – 140
Weight 12.5 oz [355 g]
Dimensions 2.8 x 5.8 x 3.9 [71 x 148 x 99 mm]
Optional Accessories Diffusor