Sony's new Digital Photo Printer (Dye Sub) can print 4" x 6" in a variety of finishes (Matte, Glossy, Textured). Each print takes 85 seconds. Print packs (including ink) priced at $14.95 for 25 prints. Resolution is 300dpi, producing 1162 x 1536 pixel prints.Priced at $389, available in June.

Print packs (including ink) are sold with either a 3:2 ratio or 4:3 ratio to match your digital camera, there's also print pack which features sticky paper for creating photo stickers.

Sony UP-DP10 Specifications

Resolution 300 dpi
Gradiations 256 per CMY, 16.7 million per dot
Pixel resolution 4:3 ratio - 1162 x 1536
3:2 ratio - 1162 x 1765
Stickers - 1162 x 1800
Paper size 180 x 100 mm (7 1/8" x 4")
Print area 4:3 ratio - 138 x 100 mm (5 1/2" x 4")
3:2 ratio - 155 x 100 mm (6 1/8" x 4")
Stickers - 155 x 100 mm (6 1/8" x 4")
Print time Approx 85 seconds per sheet
Interface USB & Parallel
Paper capacity 25 sheets
Software drivers Windows 95/98, Mac OS 8.6 or later
Dimensions 280 x 71 x 303 mm (8 1/4" x 2 7/8" x 12")
Weight 2.7 kg (6 lbs 15 oz)
Price US$389.00

Features (from Sony website):

  • Picture Quality: The UP-DP10 produces 4x6 inch prints that resemble the pictures that you get from a one-hour photo lab
  • Speed: At approximately 85 seconds per print, the UP-DP10 Photo Printer can make an entire photo album in no time
  • Unique Desktop Design: The unique and versatile design of the UP-DP10 makes the most of your desk space. The printer can be set either vertical or horizontal and fits into the most limited of space
  • Choose your finish: With the UP-DP10 and Sony Digital Photography Paper, you can easily select the finish you like best: glossy, matte or texture
  • USB and Parallel Connections: Equipped with both a USB (ver. 1.0) and Parallel (IEEE-1284, Compatible, Nibble, ECP) interface, the UP-DP10 easily connects to your computer. Supplied printer driver software includes Windows® 95/98, Mac OS® or later
  • Auto Correction: With the supplied printer driver, your digital files can be adjusted for color and contrast automatically. This ensures the highest quality pictures time and time again.
  • Sony Digital Photography Paper: Over the years, Sony has combined state of the art printing technology with the best possible picture paper and has become the leader in dye sublimation printing. It stands up to light, heat and humidity so you don't have to worry about fading or color changes over time. Sony Digital Photography Paper can be handled and shared just like pictures with traditional photo equipment.

Sony press release:

From Pixels to Pictures: Sony Lets You Create Lab-Quality Pictures From Home

PARK RIDGE, N.J., May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- So you've got your brand new digital camera. And you've filled it with shots of your family picnic. Now what? While you can view the pictures on your PC screen, for most people, photos mean photo prints. And the typical PC printer can't match the color, detail and durability of conventional snapshots.

That's why Sony created the UP-DP10 home photo lab. This sleek new printer creates 4 x 6-inch prints of outstanding quality and detail. The prints are laminated for a smooth finish and outstanding durability. And the prints eliminate the white border around the picture -- making them look just like the pictures you're accustomed to picking up at the photo lab.

The Sony home photo lab also saves you time, money and aggravation. There's no need to take entire rolls of film to the local photo lab. There's no waiting for the retailer to finish them. And there's no need to pay for prints of ``mistake'' shots that were out of focus or improperly exposed. With a home photo lab, you print only the pictures you want and make as many copies as you want. It takes just 85 seconds per print. These are photo-lab-quality pictures you can share with your guests, turn into post cards or send to relatives.

Available now, this Sony UP-DP10 home photo lab has a suggested retail price of $389. The UP-DP10 uses "Sony Digital Photography'' paper, at a suggested list price of $14.95 for enough materials to make 25 pictures. This laminated paper enables you to create matte, glossy or textured finishes on your prints.

Sleek upright design means that the home photo lab fits well as a second home printer, dedicated to making pictures. The UP-DP10 connects easily to a computer using either a Universal Serial Bus (USB) or parallel port. The home photo lab includes software for both Windows®-based and Macintosh® computers and features automatic correction for the contrast, tone, color, balance and/or sharpness of the image.

The Sony UP-DP10 home photo lab is sold through select photo specialty retailers and on-line at