VSCO Cam's presets promise "elegant results, previously unattainable on Android."

The popular iOS app VSCO Cam has officially launched an Android version. Now, Android users have access to the same adjustable filters and editing tools that made VSCO Cam a hit amongst the hippest iPhone photographers.

From VSCO Cam's announcement:

Available for most Android 4.0+ devices, VSCO Cam represents major advancements in mobile photography image processing. Available on iOS since June of this year, we've seen VSCO Cam grow rapidly, gathering a large following. Taking what we've learned from developing VSCO Film®, as well as VSCO Cam for iOS, we've achieved results previously unattainable on Android devices. We offer the highest quality of Presets and Tools available for Android photographers.

[...]Along with these stunning Presets and incredible Tools, VSCO Grid? will also be accessible to Android users through the VSCO Cam app. Defined by Creativity, Curation and Connection, VSCO Grid is a minimalist publishing platform that honors both art and artist. Built as an online gallery for mobile photographers to showcase their best work, VSCO Grid will be available to both Android and iPhone users alike. Start your own VSCO Grid, and join this vibrant community of talented individuals! 

VSCO Cam is free for most phones running Android 4.0 or newer. It comes with 10 presets built in. Additional filters can be purchased inside the app. Download it here.