If every iPhone ever bought was put side by side, it would have a surface area of 2.07 billion square inches. (That's 1,336,870 square meters.)

Ever wondered what it would look like if every iPhone ever made was placed side by side and then assembled in the middle of Manhattan? No? Well, someone figured it out anyways.

Josh Orter, founder of the math-happy blog Stupid Calculations, wondered what it would look like if the "displays were ripped out of every iPhone ever sold and combined into a single colossus." A few mind-melting calculations later, Orter found the answer:

[T]he Kubrick-inspired monophone would stretch 5,059 feet into the sky and have a base measuring 2,846 feet across (Central Park is 2,640 feet wide). Its surface area would take in 2.07 billion square inches. That’s 14.39 million square feet or 330.54 acres. The new World Trade Center, by comparison, will have a surface area of 23 glass-clad acres, giving us enough screenage to watch Game of Thrones on all four sides of fourteen WTCs.

To put his findings into perspective, he wanted to see what his giant "monophone" into the New York City skyline. He was able to do this by comparing it to Central Park and the General Motors building. The result is a towering display that strikes fear into any Android and Apple fan alike.

Josh Orter's "monophone" in Manhattan.