The Holga camera - a 120 film camera from the 1980s which has recently seen a resurgence among low-fi photo fans - is going digital, thanks to a project seeking funding on Kickstarter. The Holga Digital camera features original optics that are known for their dark corners and vivid colors. In addition, a lens adapter allows existing Holga lenses to be used with Holga Digital.

Holga Digital is an LCD-less affair offered in pink, white, black, and a multi-color edition. It features F2.8 and F8.0 two-stop aperture settings, 4:3 and 1:1 aspect ratios, an 8MP 1/3.2" CMOS sensor, hot shoe, and tripod mount. Images are stored to an SD card (Wi-Fi cards are supported). Other features include AA battery operation, a Bulb shutter mode for long exposure shots, and micro USB compatibility.

Holga Digital is offered to Kickstarter backers for $75 CAD (approx. $57 USD), with shipping estimated to begin in December. Various additional packages are offered at other price points that include accessories, lenses, and more, including a $580 CAD ($440 USD) 'Holga Collector Master Piece' bundle.