The Phantom 2 Vision+.

Update: We reached out to DJI and spoke with Chinmoy Lad, a marketing specialist for the drone manufacturer, who had this to say on behalf of the company, "DJI is always exploring new avenues to push the boundaries of what is possible. DJI currently has no further information about upcoming products."

Original post: Three companies joined the Micro Four Thirds system standard group this morning, including DJI, maker of both consumer and professional-level drones. JDC (GuangZhou) Optical Co., a small Chinese optics manufacturer, and Flovel Co., a Japanese optics company, both also announced support.

So what exactly does this mean? In the case of DJI, it could lead to some interesting developments. The company has already started cutting out the middle man by putting action cameras directly into its units, like the Phantom 2 Vision+. A wise move, as it has been widely reported GoPro is looking to enter the drone market too, sooner or later.

We don’t want to speculate too much, but an interchangeable lens drone (ILD?), with a Micro Four Thirds mount would be one way to stay ahead of GoPro. As for the two lens manufacturers, we can only hope this means more third party lens options down the road for Micro Four Thirds shooters.