As an update to our previous D770 information sheet we now have all the details on the Sony DKC-FP3 digital camera which is aimed more at the professional end of the digicam market and features an IEE1394 (FireWire) connection.

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The D770 is a progression from the D700, many features remain the same including the design and layout of the camera, the lens and CCD (still 1.5 megapixel 1344 x 1024).

New features

  • Histogram function
  • Guildeline function
  • Improved AE focus
  • Focus Detect Beep Sound
  • New ISO settings: 50, 100, 400
  • Faster Memory Stick Card Adapter MSAC-PC2
  • Digital 2X zoom in "CAM" mode

Difference between DKC-FP3 / DSC-D700 / DSC-D700

August 99
July 99
July 98
Digital Interface Yes (IEE1394) No No
Histogram Function Yes Yes


Guildline Function Yes Yes No
Beep confirmation *1 Yes Yes No
ISO sensitivities *2 50, 100, 400 50, 100, 400 100, 200, 400
Memory Stick Adapter *3 MSAC-PC2 MSAC-PC2 MSAC-PC1
Digital x2 zoom *4 Yes Yes No
Accumulative file numbering Yes Yes No

*1 When Auto Focus is complete you will here a beep confirmation
*2 The ISO sensitivities are changed to 50, 100 and 400. ISO 50 is added to capture high quality noiseless images and ISO 200 is eliminated.
*3 Transfer speed improvements (a 4MB TIFF file):
MSAC-PC1: Writing - 23secs, Reading - 17secs
MSAC-PC2: Writing - 11secs, Reading - 6secs
*4 Allows "live preview" image to be zoomed 200% for accurate manual focusing

Specifications of D770 (same for DKC-FP3 except addition of IEE1394 port)

Professional Quality Digital Still Camera: Sony introduces a new consumer digital still camera with exceptional image quality and features that can only be found on high-end professional cameras. The DSC-D770 features a high performance Progressive Scan 1.5 Million Square Pixel CCD. This will create still images with high quality resolution (up to 1344 x 1024) which is excellent quality for printing or sending still images from your computer.

5X Manual Optical Zoom Lens with Manual Focus: Equivalent to a f28mm to 140mm zoom lens in a 35mm camera, this manual zoom lens gives you ample flexibility to compose your pictures just the way you want. The manual focus ring allows for a more accurate, professional feel.

High Quality Progressive Scan CCD with 1.5 Million Square Pixels provides high quality still images by reading all of the pixels on the imager (CCD) with a single pass, delivering clean edges and an overall sharper picture quality.

2.5" Advanced Color LCD with Brightness Control (180K Pixels): Use the LCD for playback, or for your viewfinder while taking shots. Large, full color LCD display viewfinder lets you preview or review your shots right on the camera back with detail and clarity.

Removable ATA Type II PC Memory Card or Memory Stick� media: The popular storage media, ATA Type II PC memory cards allow you to store digital images. The DSC-D770 will also allow you to capture images on a supplied 8MB Memory Stick Digital Storage Media and ATA Type II PC Card Adapter.

Supplied PC Card Reader allows for easy parallel port connection to your PC compatible computer.

JPEG or TIFF File Formats: Select between JPEG compression or for the best quality choose the non-compressed mode to capture your images in a TIFF format for best performance.

Pop-Up Flash and Hot Shoe: Use to brighten your pictures in low light conditions. You can select from four modes: Automatic, On, Off, or use the Hot Shoe to attach an external flash with strobe lights. The automatic mode will turn on in low light and/or adjust for the optimum amount of flash. The "Pop-Up" flash offers the ability to conceal the flash when not in use.

Center Weighted / Spot Meter allows you to control exposure under varied lighting and conditions.

Continuous Shooting Modes: CONT1 Mode adjusts exposure on each image. CONT2 maintains the same settings and is faster than CONT1 mode.

Auto / Manual Exposure gives you the best possible results when shooting under difficult light conditions. The Different modes are:

  • Program AE - The camera will select the proper settings automatically.
  • Aperture Priority - Set the Aperture for depth of field and the camera will set the Shutter Speed.
  • Shutter Priority - Set the Shutter, and the camera will adjust the Iris for the correct amount of light.
  • Manual Mode - Gives you complete control over your exposure.

Exposure Value Compensation: Set the exposure value setting at 16 different steps from -2.0EV to +2.0 EV in .25 increments for increased flexibility.

Manual White Balance: Allows for manual setting of white balance for greater accuracy of color in difficult lighting situations.

InfoLithium� Battery System with AccuPower� Meter: Sony's exclusive InfoLithium battery system is a no-memory effect battery, and with the AccuPower meter you will see the time remaining in minutes in the LCD.

Histogram Feature: Represents Luminosity and Color levels in an image. The built-in histogram helps users determine performance results and adjust manual controls accordingly to select the perfect settings.

Improved AE focus with Beep confirmation: Fast, accurate auto focus with a confirmation "beep" to let you know the camera is in perfect focus.

ISO Settings: Set ISO for 50, 100, or 400 for optimum sensitivity in any shooting environment.

New MSAC-PC2 Memory Stick Card Adapter: More than twice as fast as the previous MSAC-PC1, the MSAC-PC2 aids in speeding up the read/write process.

New guildline feature for the best possible alignment of your pictures.

Japanese list price: 235,000 YEN (US$1,927)

Full Specifications in the comparison database

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