It's all very well 'liking' a charitable cause on Facebook, but what difference does it make? Crisis Relief Singapore is running an ad campaign called 'Liking Isn't Helping' which uses photos showing victims of war and natural disasters to encourage volunteerism - with an ironic twist. The images are composites of real press photos and Facebook-style thumbs ups, accompanied by the message that 'Liking isn't helping'.

The point is obvious but worth repeating - a million 'likes' won't feed a starving child or house a flood victim. The ads, depicting flood, wartime and earthquake victims direct the viewer instead to 'Be a volunteer. Change a life.' The black-and-white images are stark, and their contrast with a round of eager 'likes' is jarring.

The campaign, created by Publicis Singapore, won a Gold Lion award in the Press category of the Cannes Festival.

via Bored Panda