In a 'Master Series' video posted by lighting maker Profoto USA, celebrated photographer Greg Heisler shares a behind the scenes tale of how he created a unique on-location portrait of then-NBA star Alonzo Mourning for an ESPN Magazine cover. While he had to shoot this tricky lighting setup in the hallway of an NBA arena, the work began far in advance. Heisler and his assistants first created the scene in the controlled environment of his Manhattan studio. After getting the lighting the way he wanted, Heisler reassembled the setup on-site using the same equipment and measurements from his studio.

In explaining a tricky four-light setup that even most other pros would struggle to pull off, Heisler breaks down his lighting diagram for a shot that he conceived, 'just because I think it looks cool'. You can read lighting guru David Hobby's thought about this shot on his Strobist blog.