Professional Photographer Yamada posts on PC Watch a vast image quality comparison between all of the top two megapixel zoom, two megapixel fixed and less than two megapixel digital cameras taken at all the possible compression settings.

2 megapixel zoom cameras

  • Olympus C-2000Z
  • Nikon Coolpix 950
  • Fuji MX2900Z
  • Ricoh RDC5000
  • Kyocera Samura12100DG (!)
  • Kodak DC280J
  • Sony DSC-D770
    (Yamada mistakenly labels this as 1600x1200, it's still 1344x1024)

2 megapixel fixed lens cameras

  • Nikon Coolpix 700
  • Sony DSC-F55
  • Epson CP-800
  • Fuji MX2700
  • Konica QM200 (!)
  • Olympus C-21 (beta)

Less than 2 megapixel

  • Fuji MX1500
  • Canon Powershot A50
  • Kodak DC240
  • Casio QV5500SX

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