Fuji Japan have just posted their press release on the new "Super CCD" which includes a picture of the CCD and a couple of descriptive diagrams. Looks interesting, lets hope we can see some products soon.

Here's a rough translation of the Japanese press release:

It starts by talking about their new super megapixel digicams and how the number of pixels in a CCD has increased by a factor of ten since 1995. The release then notes that it's becoming more and more difficult to squeeze more pixels into a smaller space and yet still produce good sensitivity, dynamic range and s/n ratio.

"Super CCD" is said to solve these problems by using a new pixel array and structure to produce higher sensitivity (larger pixel sizes), decrease in noise and better dynamic range.

It also notes that the pixel array used on the "Super CCD" matches that of the human eye. Better digital zoom is also possible through over sampling signal processing. Higher resolution through lower pixel count.

Relative area compared with old model CCD's

(Can't translate - sorry)

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