Eagle-eyed visitors will have already noticed we've made a few changes to the homepage and added a couple of new features (both of which are still very much at the beta stage). First (and most obvious) is the new menu bar, which we hope will make finding what you're looking for easier and more logical - and allows us the horizontal space we need for some exciting forthcoming features. We've also added a comprehensive selection of software to our database and introduced a completely new feature, the Link Database. 

Software database

As we start to add more articles about, and reviews of software we decided it would make sense to add a new database category and to build a proper software section on the site. At the moment it covers commercial and (a selection of) free desktop software for Windows and Macintosh operating systems, (mobile apps will follow in the future), but we hope, eventually, to build a powerful resource and reference tool for imaging software on all platforms.

Since software is now in our database you can easily add it to your gear list / wish list, write user reviews and compare features between different applications. Click here visit the new software hub.

Link Directory (beta)

The new link directory is, as the name implies, a directory of web resources for photographers and digital camera fans. In the directory you'll find a growing collection of pages (with RSS and twitter updates) for websites, photographers, bloggers and manufacturers. Some of these are valued resources, some sources of inspiration, some are just places and people we like. Right now there's a fairly limited list of sites in the directory - just enough to give you a taste of what it offers - but rest assured we'll be adding to these pages extensively over the coming months. 

You can subscribe to updates from any of these pages by clicking on the 'subscribe' button. Updates from pages you're following appear on your profile page and in a widget on the sidebar of the site. If you would like to suggest a site for inclusion in our directory (or claim a page as a site owner/webmaster) please submit feedback using this link.

The new links directory page - currently in beta.
Updates from sites you subscribe to appear in a sidebar widget on the homepage and on forums. You can also view - and manage - subscriptions - from your profile.

That's it for now! There's lots of work still to do, but we're always thinking about ways to expand dpreview and improve the way the site works, and we're excited by some of the possibilities that these changes could open up. Feel free to leave (constructive) feedback in the comments.