IFA 2001: 0100 GMT: 0000 GMT: Canon has today announced the PowerShot G2, a four megapixel sucessor to the popular PowerShot G1. The G2 features the same 3x optical zoom lens, flip-out and swivel LCD and Microdrive compatibility. Some new items are the four megapixel CCD, AF area selection, evaluative metering, AE program shift, RAW mode 10-bit, histogram and a 32 MB Compact Flash card. Best of all we've had one for the last two weeks in order to bring you a full in-depth review of a production camera! [FULL REVIEW ONLINE]

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More gun jumping... This news release / review was supposed to be published at 0100 GMT (1000 TOKYO) which was the embargo time I was given. However, once again timzone confusion as lead our US counterparts to publish an hour earlier.

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The world's foremost camera manufacturer announces the Canon PowerShot G2

A technologically superior digital camera capable of creating outstanding 4-Mega pixel digital images and delivering unparalleled quality A4 sized printouts using the award winning Canon Bubble Jet printer S800. The PowerShot G2 offers SLR-like control to the advanced amateur or semi-professional photographer.

Offering the highest image quality in its class, The PowerShot G2 utilises the latest 4 Mega pixel CCD to capture pin sharp pictures with every click of the shutter. With a high-resolution 3X optical zoom lens, reduced shutter interval, completely loss-less RAW image recording mode and new Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and RGB filter, the PowerShot G2 is a new photographic industry benchmark.

The powerful PowerShot G2 was designed for truly creative digital photographers who demand precision image capture management. Three Auto-focus modes including continuous, single and 3 selectable AF points with 12 shooting modes (including Program AE, Shutter priority AE, Aperture priority AE and fully manual exposure control) means the G2 can always deliver exactly what a photographer requires.

Advanced image capture controls include a histogram exposure graph for image evaluation (as seen on the Canon EOS D30) that allows the photographer to see if an image correctly exposed. Early indication of excess light or darkness allows exposure settings to be changed to obtain an optimal result. The histogram is displayed on the G2's vari-angle LCD monitor that twists and swivels to provide the most convenient viewing angle and adds flexibility when shooting in difficult or awkward situations.

Development didn't stop there. The PowerShot G2 uses much less power than its predecessors which means a lot more pictures from a single battery charge. Canon engineering gives a user more flexibility to take high quality pictures whenever and wherever they want without worrying about running low on power.

The versatility of the PowerShot G2 is enhanced by an extensive and comprehensive range of optional system accessories including Canon's full range of Speedlite EX flashguns making it possible to capture images in extreme low-light conditions. For low light close-ups the G2 supports Canon's Macro Ring Light (MR- 14EX) that can be fitted over a 250D close-up lens. For long distance work, a powerful 153mm tele-converter brings a subject right into the camera while a 27.2mm wide-angle converter makes it easy to grab those wrap-around wide-angle shots.

All PowerShot G2 lens converters are compatible with the standard 3.6x step-less digital zoom (offering a total zoom factor of 11x). This means that high quality images can be captured at any stage of the zoom process. Nothing but the best from the world's most technologically advanced camera manufacturer!

Quick and simple storage of images onto robust Compact Flash Type II data storage cards means up to 1GB of memory capacity is possible. Users can enjoy taking hundreds of shots before needing to think about down loading to a computer. When image downloads are required the dedicated quick no nonsense USB connection makes the PowerShot G2 a pleasure to use, even after that extended photo-shoot!

Canon always believes in making things easy. Photographers requiring an instant print capability will appreciate the PowerShot G2's compatibility with the Canon Card Photo Printer CP-10 that delivers full colour, credit card sized images in just a few seconds. The PowerShot G2 joins Canon's family of Direct Print compatible digital cameras along with Digital IXUS 300, Digital IXUS v, PowerShot A10 and PowerShot A20.

To complete the package, Canon has brought together a full range of image management software, including Adobe Photoshop LE, to give the professional user the tools they need to deliver the highest possible quality images. In addition the PowerShot G2 comes with advanced software drivers for both PC and MAC.

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