An interesting new photo sharing website / software combination has recently shown up. FotoAlbum is an electronic image browser and organiser, it links directly to FotoTime's other product FotoTime.Com which allows you to share your images directly on the web. What struck me about FotoAlbum is just how easy it is to use and share images. You can view an example online photo album by clicking here.

Using FotoAlbum was easy, register on their website and download the application, the registration is confirmed by email, opening the application you have to set a "picture folder", then FotoAlbum thumbnails all the images in that directory (example below).

Some things I liked were the date line (labeled 2000 above) each bar represents the group of images taken in a particular month, clicking on a bar narrows the displayed thumbs to that month. You can create albums and place images in one or more album, again to display an album you just click on the album name (across the top). To publish images on your FotoTime webpage you simply right click on the image and select Published Public or Published Private, alternatively you can pop-up the image properties and publish it from here, a small globe is shown in the corner of a thumbnail if it's published.

To have these published images then appear you simply click on the Sync Web button and your images are uploaded to your FotoTime webpage. You can invite other people to view your pictures by using the invite feature on the FotoTime web site (which sends them a customized email).

I particularly liked this way of working as it allows you to organise and arrange your photo albums offline before uploading the lot in one go. Note, you can still upload images to your albums in the traditional through-the-browser fashion if you prefer.

To try FotoTime for yourself goto their website