Even though digital photography has been around for quite some time now, most of us still have a few boxes and albums of prints from the pre-digital era lying around. Digitizing them can be expensive if you use a professional service to get it done, or very time-consuming if you decide to go DIY using a flatbed scanner. QromaScan wants to solve this dilemma, at least for those users who don't require drum scanner quality, by utilizing your smartphone camera and a foldable lightbox. We've seen smartphone scanning solutions before but QromaScan takes things a step further by adding voice control. 

The box uses 12 LEDs to illuminate its interior. To start scanning you open the dedicated app on your phone and put the device onto the box with the camera facing downward. When the photo is in position below it, the camera on your smartphone is used to capture the image. Location and time can be added to the metadata of the resulting digital image by using voice control. The same method can be used to tag people in an image, allowing for easy organization of your pictures. Currently, this only works with iOS devices but an Android version is in the works as well.

The makers of the QromaScan have launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance final development and mass production. Early birds can secure a QromaScan for $35 but a range of backing options are available. Shipping is expected for July 2015. For more information navigate to the QromaScan website or watch the video below. 

Source: Kickstarter | Via: PetaPixel