Phase One and SanDisk have today jointly announced that every SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash card will come bundled with a copy of Capture One LE RAW Workflow and also include a 15 percent discount off an upgrade from Capture One LE to Capture One Pro. It's a logical move when you consider that more use of RAW will result in sales of larger, faster cards, for Phase One it's a great way to promote their product to a wider audience.

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Press Release:

New SanDisk and Phase One collaboration
Capture One LE RAW Workflow free with Extreme III CompactFlash® cards

August 31st, 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark: Phase One®, the world leader in professional
digital imaging solutions and SanDisk® Corporation, the world’s largest supplier of flash
storage card products, are helping photographers to realize the benefits of shooting in RAW. All
SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash® cards now include a full and free edition of Phase
One’s Capture OneTM LE RAW Workflow software. Capture One LE normally retails at $ / €

The bundle of the two products will enable photographers that shoot in JPEG to easily join their
professional peers in working in RAW. Extreme III users who already shoot RAW images can
now process their images in the industry leading Capture One at no additional charge.

Purchase of Extreme III CompactFlash cards also offers upgrades from Capture One LE to
Capture One PRO at a 15 per cent discount. Upgrades can be purchased through Phase One’s
on-line store at

Promoting Perfect Photography for the Professional

Location photography specialist and RAW devotee Drew Gardner says, “This move by Phase
One and SanDisk is very important to encourage more photographers to experience the benefits
of shooting in RAW. I can’t overstate how important RAW is to my photography. It gives you
the edge over digital photographers who shoot in any other way because RAW gives you such a
degree of control and produces images of incredible quality. I make all my amendments in RAW
using Capture One PRO.”

Phase One knows that RAW has the greatest technical potential to achieve the perfect image
and the company is committed to enabling more photographers to take advantage of the
benefits of RAW.

The RAW file format has transformed digital photography. A RAW file contains the original,
unprocessed data from a camera's image sensor. Unlike shooting in JPEG, where camera
settings are recorded and fixed at the time of capture, shooting in RAW enables photographers
to make post capture changes to the many exposure settings including the linearity, matrix
processing, white point, color balance, sharpening, contrast, brightness, color space and

A Product Bundle for the Professional Photographer

The award winning SanDisk Extreme III product line has been designed for professional
photographers. It has gained a reputation for very high performance, speed and functionality.
By distributing a free Capture One LE RAW Workflow license with all Extreme III cards, SanDisk
is offering professional photographers vast improvements in efficiency.

The Capture One LE license bundled with Extreme III cards works for both Windows and Mac
operating systems and includes 2 computer activations and one free LE to LE update.

Trine Voss, VP Sales & Marketing for the Capture One product line says: “The superior quality
and flexibility of the RAW file format has quickly seen it become the gold standard for digital
capture. It gives photographers unparalleled control over the appearance of their final images by
enabling them to alter camera settings post-capture. By bundling two complementary and
industry leading products more photographers will be encouraged to take advantage of the
benefits of RAW and the level of investment photographers must make to attain professional
standards is reduced.”

Phase One developed Capture One RAW Workflow to deliver unrivalled image quality when
photographers process RAW files. It also contains a range of editing, previewing and processing
tools that help the photographer to utilize the RAW format to its full potential. All RAW files supported by Capture One have International Color Consortium (ICC) color profiles designed for
each camera.

This is the second bundling collaboration between Phase One and SanDisk. All of Phase One’s
P-series digital camera backs, including the P 45, P 30 and P 21 products, are bundled with the
award winning SanDisk Extreme III Compact Flash storage cards and accommodating USB

Phase One was the first photographic hardware manufacturer in the world that could use the
full bandwidth of SanDisk Extreme III cards. Phase One is also contributing to the testing of
SanDisk’s recently launched Extreme IV line.

Customers can find more detailed information on how to download, install and activate the
Capture One LE license by referring to the coupon enclosed in the SanDisk Extreme III
packaging or at

More information about SanDisk’s Extreme III cards is available at