Olympus has announced a new accessory for the Four Thirds digital SLR, the E-500, in the shape of the ME-1 Eyecup Magnifier. The device increases the performance of the camera's viewfinder by 1.2 times and is said to enable easier focusing and framing. The eyecup has two lenses and measures 40x30x12mm. It is available next month at a price yet to be confirmed and will also fit the E-300.

Note: Sorry this news is a little late

Press Release:

Olympus announce the ME-1 Eyecup Magnifier

Hot on the heels of the launch of the E-500 Digital SLR, Olympus are announcing a new Magnifier Eyecup which increases the performance of the E-500's view finder by 1.2 times.

Just attach the ME-1 eyecup magnifier to enjoy an even better view of your subject, significantly enhancing easy focussing and framing.

The eyecup incorporates two lenses and measures 40 mm x 30 mm x 12mm. Available from December 2005 at a price to be confirmed, the ME-1 also fits onto the E-500's forerunner, the Olympus E-300.