No matter how much you enjoy photography, there are going to be times when you lack for inspiration and feel like you're stuck in a creative rut. It happens to all of us. One of my favorite ways to break out of it is to give myself a short-term assignment laying out the parameters of what I can shoot.

To give yourself a fresh perspective of the everyday objects around you try shooting only scenes whose dominant color is red (or substitute a color of your choosing).

The assignment can be broad, like, 'Shoot the color red' (see the image above). Or more specific, such as shooting portraits of grandmothers. The key is that for the duration of the assignment, everything you photograph must meet your chosen criteria. While this may seem, and initially even feel very restricting, you'll quickly find out that the more you're forced to contemplate a single theme or subject matter, the more unique and varied ways you're likely to come up with to photograph it. Stick with it and you'll come away from the experience with a more nuanced view of photographic opportunities. And as a bonus, you'll have a set of images that can form a cohesive visual narrative, a prerequisite of any serious portfolio.

Here are some other suggestions that may help get you started:

Shoot during sunset.
Shoot night.
Frame objects so that they form a triangle.
Shoot converging lines.

You don't have to make a long-term commitment either. I'd suggest you start by giving yourself a week-long assignment. But who knows, you may end up exploring a theme that becomes a lifelong pursuit.