Toshiba expanded its lineup up of Wi-Fi enabled SD memory cards with a high capacity 32GB FlashAir II model. 

Like Eye-Fi and Transcend Wi-Fi cards, each Toshiba card serves as its own wireless LAN access point so users can upload images and files from their camera to PC, tablet, or smartphone. The 32GB card boasts Class 10 speed compared to the previous model's Class 6 speed. The FlashAir II card features a new 'Internet pass thru mode' that enables users to access the card and Internet simultaneously – enabling the ability to upload images in real-time.  

The 'pass through' mode will also be made available for the recently introduced 8GB and 16GB Speed Class 10 FlashAir cards running earlier firmware versions, which can be updated by using the Firmware Update Tool

The Toshiba FlashAir II SD cards will be available for $79.99 MSRP for 16GB and $99.99 for 32GB.

Do you use Wi-Fi enabled memory cards? Are they easy to use, or more trouble than they're worth?