Camera or photography-themed clothing
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Camera or photography-themed clothing

Do you love photography? Great, keep it to yourself! (or at least off your shirt). Also if you need a Pix 2015 Tee, just say the word. We've got loads.

I don't know many photographers that feel a strong urge to walk around in clothing that advertises their profession or hobby. So kindly hold off on buying the cheesy T-shirt with the silhouette of a camera on it that says 'I shoot people,' or that other one that says 'Everyone's a photographer until...' with an image of a mode dial set to 'M.' We'll stick to dressing in all black or in geeky photo vests, thank you very much.

But seriously, rather than getting photographers cheesy apparel that'll likely end up in the donation bin, get us a nice article of clothing, like a soft sweater, a thermal layer, or some camera-friendly gloves to keep warm this winter.

See also: Photography-themed cuff links, lapel pins, tie clips and watches.