We’re pleased to announce a major upgrade of our product database, search, and camera compare pages. The wide-reaching changes bring a number of benefits, making it easier than ever to gain access to everything we know about a product. Two of the biggest changes are the addition of brand pages and the complete redesign of the individual product pages. These bring together all dpreview's content, along with images, user reviews and external resources in a single ‘dashboard.'

We've also spent 6 months enhancing our database so that it not only includes more detailed specifications for all the latest cameras but also gains an entry for virtually every currently available mainstream lens. In turn, this has also allowed us to make our product search function into a much more powerful tool for finding the camera or lens that provides the functions you want.

You'll find the new Camera and Lens search pages (and all the other new goodies) under the Product Database menu at the top of the site. This has been a major development project and, until we iron out all the creases, please consider it to be in beta status, and let us know if you spot any errors or problems.

Any problems?

The changes represent the biggest overhaul of the database since the site's launch. Given the large amount of additional information now included for a great many cameras and lenses, there will inevitably be some errors. We will, of course, be working to minimise any inconsistencies and would appreciate any feeback about a you might encounter.

At the bottom of each page you'll find an option marked: 'Have you spotted an error? Report it to us...' please use this to report any incorrect information you encounter.

Or, if you encounter a fault with the function of any of the new pages, please click here to report the problem.