Instagram has updated its image effects/sharing app, adding features and adjusting two filters to look more like their version 1 equivalents. Instagram 2.0.1 offers the chance to add geotags images taken from your photo library or on your phone camera. This information is only kept on on your high-res files, not the shared version. The Earlybird and Brannan filters have also been tweaked to look more like the original versions, in response to user feedback. The update is available for download immediately.

Press Release:

What’s New in V2.0.1

Good news! Instagram v2.0.1 is now available in the App Store! This release is a minor update from 2.0 that fixes many of the main issues that users reported, but also includes some big new features as well:

Better Location Support for Photos

We’ve heard loud and clear that users want better location support in Instagram. Today, we’re releasing two major upgrades to location support:

1) Photos imported from your library 

When you import a photo from your library to share on Instagram, we’ll suggest a list of places near where the photo was taken (if location was recorded at the time of taking). Here’s an example of how this works:

  • Take a photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Fly home to New York City
  • In NYC, import your Eiffel Tower photo to Instagram
  • Tap on “Where?” to choose a location for the photo
  • The locations will list the Eiffel Tower and other nearby places in Paris

2) Photos taken in Instagram

When you take a photo with Instagram, we’ll save the location information in the original and filtered files of your photo on your phone. How this works:

  • Take a photo in Instagram
  • Upload the photo
  • The high-res version of the photo is saved to your camera roll with geo information

This means you can use a service like Apple’s Photo Stream to browse all your high-resolution Instagram photos on a world map. Currently, we do not send this information with images you upload, though this may change in the future. Read more about how this feature works in our help center.

Revamped Earlybird and Brannan Filters

Beginning in v2.0, the Earlybird and Brannan filters were accidentally altered. Thanks to the sharp eye of many of you we were able to catch this quickly. We’ve completely re-written the filters to act much more like the originals. Although we altered some filters intentionally, we’ve heard feedback on some filters (like Toaster) and are working hard on bridging the gap between old and new versions of these filters. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received on filters – we’re excited to improve on and introduce new filters in future releases.

Tilt-shift has softer cutoff

We noticed the blur on tilt-shift in v2.0 was more intense when applied after capture. In v2.0.1, we’ve made the tilt-shift preview consistent between screens and less intense.  We still have a bit of work ahead of us before tilt-shift is perfect, but we are planning on releasing another update after this one to address those issues.

Tap to choose filters

We heard feedback from users that the filter picker in v2.0 made it difficult to compare between filters. In this release, you can just tap on a filter to select it, the same way you had in previous versions. The filter picker no longer has infinite scroll.

Fix for sending filter information to third-party sites

When you view your photos on third-party sites such as, you’ll be able to see what filter was used on the photo

Bug fix for black images

We fixed a bug where tilt-shifted photos would upload as black squares. If you continue to see this problem please let us know.

Save filter photo bug fixed

We fixed a bug where filtered photos would fail to save to the camera library even when the “save filtered photo” setting was turned on. 

Other small bug fixes and improvements

Go here to download the update