The wrap
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The wrap

And that's it for our quick hands-on tour of Phase One's new XT camera system. The Phase One XT is the second example we've yet seen of modular medium format makers embracing the possibility of mirrorless cameras.

With the exception of the Pentax 645D, 645Z and the Leica S series, most medium format systems have historically been based around modular backs that attach to camera bodies that contain an SLR mirror and viewfinder, along with the mechanism required to fire the shutter.

In the digital era, most of the camera functions and, increasingly, the ability to preview the image, have migrated from the camera body to the camera back. A move to a mirrorless design further reduces the role played by the camera body, to the point that it becomes almost a back-to-lens adapter with a shutter button.

Whether encouraged by the acceptance of the mirrorless approach by the rest of the market or as a by-product of a generation of large CMOS sensors with usably-fast live view, it's interesting to see both Hasselblad (with its 907x) and Phase One recognize how minimalist a 'camera body' can be.

What do you make of the brand-new XT camera system? Let us know in the comments!