Just posted: Panasonic LX5 studio shots updated with firmware v2.0. The latest firmware for the DMC-LX5 is now available, so we've taken the enthusiast compact back into the studio to see what differences it makes. As well as improvements to the already impressive AF speed, Panasonic has also added an extra 'Noise Reduction' option in the menu. This applies additional noise reduction at ISO 1600 and 3200 (the highest full-resolution settings). We've included both NR on and Off in our comparisons at these settings.

Our first impressions are that the noise reduction is mainly targeted at chroma (color) noise and then has additional sharpening applied. The much greater benefits, over the original studio shots are a dramatic improvement in white balance accuracy (Even with a custom white balance, the original firmware would see a dramatic yellow tinge overtake the images above ISO 800).

Click here to view firmware v2 ISO 1600 noise reduction on and off