Speedy autofocus
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Speedy autofocus

Above: 399 focal plane phase-detect pixels ensuring fast focus across much of the frame helped nail this shot (35mm | F2 | ISO 2000 equivalent)

Sony has been hard at work with their autofocus technologies. Two years ago few would've thought that mirrorless cameras would - in such a short time frame - start competing with DSLRs with respect to autofocus speed and tracking. In fact, there are still many under the illusion that DSLR AF is better than mirrorless AF in almost every way.

Time to revisit that opinion.

The inclusion of 179 on-sensor phase-detect pixels on the APS-C format Sony a6000 introduced us to how powerful mirrorless 'Hybrid AF' could be, and ever since testing continuous AF on that camera, many of us have been anxiously awaiting the technology in a full-frame camera. Well, it's here, with 399 focal plane phase-detect pixels across an area of the frame larger than any other full-frame camera out there. And it's not just a gimmick: these phase-detect points work. They're able to quickly measure the distance to a subject to drive the lens focus element to the proper position, without the excessive hunting displayed by contrast detect-only AF systems. In fact, it's this speedy AF that helped me nail the shot above in but a fraction of a second.