On July 18th from 9AM PT to 4PM, CreativeLive will host a free, one-day event with nature photographer Art Wolfe. The class will be streamed live on CreativeLive's website, and viewers will be able to submit questions through Twitter, Facebook and CreativeLive's chat.

Once it's aired, the class will be archived and available for download for $49. Sessions will cover topics such as composition and will include a photo critique provided by Art. CreativeLive recommends registering for the class in advance. 


Photographers of all skill levels will learn the techniques to profoundly improve their ability to take artistic, beautiful outdoor photos

SEATTLE, WA - July 11, 2014 - CreativeLive announced this week that it will host a one-day engagement with published nature photographer Art Wolfe. The free, interactive, class will allow photography students of all levels to gain insight and advice on both the technical and creative aspects of shooting beautiful photos of the outdoors.

Drawing from four decades of work on every continent and over 80 books, Art will share how he finds inspiration and integrates his past experiences with his present day work. During this special one day course, you'll learn outdoor and scenic composition tips from a master. Art will also share highlights and lessons from his award-winning television series "Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge." The course will wrap up with a critique of images submitted by our viewers.

The one-day class’s goal is to bring high-level creative education to anyone, for free.

"I think any creative process -- whether it’s cooking, dance, poetry, writing, photography -- nurses the soul. What my job is is to help them along the way," said Wolfe about his experience as a teacher.

"I’m trying to bring a little bit of structure, composition, and messaging to the whole process, so that they’re much more efficient communicators to their audience."

The Art of Nature Photography streams live on CreativeLive.com. Participants will be able to engage through CreativeLive’s homepage and chat rooms, as well as through the company’s Facebook page and on Twitter (@creativelive). The class is free to view live, and will be available through the CreativeLive catalog afterward for $49. Advance registration is recommended via CreativeLive.com.

If you have a passion for the great outdoors and want to capture that sense of wonder in camera, join us for this very special day of learning and inspiration with a true photography legend.