The new version of Google Glass is even dorkier than the original.

Google has released photos of the next generation of Google Glass. Slightly bulkier than the original, the newest version of Glass comes with an earbud instead of the smaller bone-conduction speaker found in the original. The photos are making tech experts who were hopeful about the potential of Google Glass cringe. No matter how cool the tech is, if Google doesn't take steps to make Glass more attractive, it may never catch on with the general public.

The changes are not without reason, the newer model of Glass is designed to better fit prescription glasses and the earbud addresses an issue that some users were having with the bone-conduction speaker. 

If you already have Glass and are not turned off by the dork-tastic new design, you can swap out the original for a new version. For those of us who still don't have Google Glass, we have a chance to get in on the action. Google is letting everyone with Google Glass pick three friends to join the explorer program.

While wearing Glass in public might be a crime of fashion, wearing Glass behind the wheel may also be a ticket-worthy offense. One beta tester was recently issued a citation in California for wearing Google Glass while driving. On her Google+ page, fans of the wearable tech want her to challenge the ticket in court, but since lawmakers are already taking steps to make driving while using Glass illegal, it's not likely that drivers will be able to use Google Glass in the future. Personally, I don't want anyone wearing an interactive screen on their face behind the wheel of a car unless that car is driving itself