Nikon's latest in a series of behind the scenes videos features photographer Joe McNally. An off-camera lighting wizard, McNally shares some useful tips from three different flash scenarios.  

Shooting a model against a black background, McNally shows us the harsh light of an SB-910 mounted on a D800 using only the Speedlight's small plastic pop-on diffuser. After setting the main SB-910 to commander mode, McNally triggers an off-camera SB-910, first through a smallish diffuser and then through a 3x6-foot, 1-stop diffuser panel for a larger, softer spread of light. 

No diffusion panel? No worries, McNally explains you can get the same results by placing a bed sheet between the flash and the subject. 

And as natural light began flowing through his studio, like any good photographer, McNally moved his model to make some pictures — without flash, this time.